Teachers Sharing with Teachers: Ideas for 21st Century LearningOctober 21, 2010, 9 - 3 pm at Chase Collegiate School • Waterbury, CT

How does a teacher in the classroom of today continue to engage students and expand the boundaries of learning? THINK strategically. Use technology wisely. Work collaboratively. Communicate effectively. Recognize how the world around you connects to everything you do (The Boston Globe ). Explore how the web and digital media are impacting the way we learn (FRONTLINE Digital Nation).
As you travel through a digital nation, we invite you to turn on your creative powers. Join us as we explore the innovative projects, lesson plans and pedagogical techniques colleagues are employing at fellow CAIS schools as they navigate teaching their students in a 21st Century nation. Our October 21st conference will host 30 minute learning stations spanning the K-12 spectrum — teachers sharing specific and effective 21st century curricula and projects from their schools at tables, not podiums. This collaborative conference will initiate a multitude of conversations among colleagues and will provide K-12 teachers with real take-aways.
So turn over a new professional development leaf and think strategically. We look forward to exploring with you!
PLEASE NOTE: Registration for this event is on a sliding scale as follows (discounted amounts will NOT show on your automated registration confirmation email, but will be calculated on the invoice that is sent to your school after the event).

$45 - Each for registrants 1-4 from a school
$30 - Each for the next 5 registrants
$20 - Per person for registrants 10 and beyond