Flat Classrooms:

http://flatclassrooms.ning.com/ A site that "Fosters new ways of learning using Web 2.0 and global collaborative 'flat classroom' ideals and practices.



http://supportblogging.com/Links to School Bloggers SupportBlogging! has been set up to provide an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others to help promote an understanding of the benefits of educational blogging.

"Educational Blogging" is a very positive, transformational technology that is often confused with the use of "Social Networking" sites like MySpace.com. While there are similarities in the web technologies used for blogging and social networking, they serve different purposes. The current backlash against social networking sites has the potential to overshadow the benefits of educational blogging. Hopefully, this site will provide materials for decision-makers as they determine policies for their schools and districts that would impact the use of educational blogging or might potentially restrict access to sites that provide blogging services.