21st Century Curriculum

Challenge 20 / 20: Bill reported that this program has begun at King. It’s an NAIS program, based on High Noon (Amazon book link): 20 problems in 20 years. You have to apply to NAIS where you’re assigned one of the 20 problems on which to work. You are paired up with another school in the US and a school abroad. At the end of the school year you come up with a propoal for solving this world problem with your two sister schools and you send it to NAIS . Kids have to research sociologic impact, demographic impact, economic, impact, etc. Bill started it as a club this year but has decided to make it a class next year for grades 9-12. It requires a tremendous amount of time – more than can be devoted in a club meeting.
You can research a different questions/problems each year.

With a Problem Base Learning ethos, Bill Sullivan has team-taught a course to seniors during the winter and spring terms; the first year's topic was Pandemics; this year's topic is Global Climate Change.